Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Just Like Annette Freaking Funicello

So I'm looking back through some old pre-relationship photos and come across a picture of me in Mexico surrounded by a group of hotties at the beach club Papas & Beer, a thought struck me... Annette Funicello and I are like freaking soul sisters. The similarities are really quite remarkable...
  1. She hung out on beaches with muscle-bound guys... I hang out on beaches and stalk muscle-bound guys (well I used to before I met my hunky guy)
  2. She was a mouseketeer... I was a sunflower girl.
  3. She was a famous Hollywood starlet... I will be a famous Hollywood starlet as soon as those dumb-asses in Hollywood figure out how great I am.
  4. She has millions of fans that still admire her... I have my Wyatt, my kids, my parents & my friend that admire (ok, tolerate) me.
  5. She looked great in a bikini... I have a bikini.
  6. Walt Disney once asked her to wear a one-piece instead of a bikini in her beach movies to preserve her virginal image... a stranger once asked me not to wear a bikini on the beach to preserve the happiness of others (OK, I made that up but it could still happen).
  7. She dated a shaggy dog... OK, I have to draw the line somewhere.

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