Saturday, August 27, 2016

Why I Can't Get Anything Done

Working on a project at the computer.  Have to go to the bathroom.  Walk into the bathroom and notice through the window that the pool is sloshing around more than usual.  Think to myself.. "I wonder if those ducks from last year are back in the swimming pool again."

Grab my coffee cup and head downstairs to see if ducks are in the pool (coffee refill and duck check at the same time, aren't I the efficient one?)  Get downstairs and look at the pool. No ducks but lots of air bubbling out of the blow holes (I don't know what they are called). Not normal.  Better see what's wrong.

Crap, the pool sweep tried to eat the thermometer, the string is stuck in the wheelie-thing and the sweep can't move. Go turn off the pump so I can pull the sweep out of the pool.  Pull the sweep out but can't get the string and thermometer unstuck. Frustrated.

Oh Geez, look how bad the pool looks. There's algae everywhere. Better sweep down the sides and stairs before it gets worse.  Get the brush and begin sweeping. Yuck, lots of algae coming off and making the water a murky green color.

Duck down under tree during the sweeping process and hit my butt on the palm tree. Dry leafy stuff falls off the tree, drops down the back of my shorts and ends up in my panties.  Five minute diversion trying to get the scratchy stuff out of my britches.  Back to sweeping the pool walls.

Oh look, one of the vines on that plant by the fence has wrapped itself around the lounge chair.  Detach the vine and carefully wrap it around the fence slats where it belongs. That's better.  Back to the pool walls.

Oh crap. Lost my footing. I'm going to fall in. Whew. Thank god I had the brush to steady myself.
OK. Done with the pool walls.

Let me take a look at that sweep again. Nope still can't get the string out.  Eeeww. Now the pool is really murky from sweeping the algae off the sides.  Really need to have the pump running to filter the water. Pool guy is coming today. Don't want him to think we are slackers.

Unplug the sweep and turn the pump back on. No pressure in the system. One of the pumps not working.  Shit. Shit. Shit.  Screw around with pump, filters and waterfall for 10 minutes trying to get it to work.  Open value, close value. Pump on. Pump off. Waterfall on. Waterfall off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  Give up and go inside. Why did I think I could fix it anyway?

Refill my coffee cup.  Look in pantry for food.  Nothing looks good.  Look in fridge for food.  Nothing looks good.

Go back upstairs. Oops, left my coffee cup downstairs. Go back down and retrieve it.  Back upstairs at my desk. Sit down to get back to work.  Feel scratchy stuff on my butt again. Apparently I didn't get all the leaves out of my panties.  Second attempt at removal of scratchy stuff. Got it all this time.

Sit back down to get back to work.  Stare at the computer. What the hell was I working on? I can't remember.

Hmmmm....... I wonder if the mail has come yet?

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